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5 Seconds of Summer arrive at BBC radio 1 studios and take photos with fans - September 4th, 2014


so i dont know if this is still going on but i wanted to make a post about it for all my friends who have made me happier in general even if they arent here physically, they have made me feel better about myself and helped me grow as a person and i just wanted to thank everyone of them for being my friend holla

Wendy; We’ve been friends for over a year and honestly i couldnt ask for a better friend. I feel like ive known you for years and it makes me sad because if we lived in the same state we could actually blossom this friendship further. Youve helped me so many times when i needed help and have dealt with me sending you 20,000 texts a day. This next summer i hope we get to meet like we plan and go laser tagging like you want. I cant express how much i love you and youre stuck with me for the rest of your life now. 

Denise; You were one of my first friends on here. Youve helped me with a lot of mostly photoshop stuff (oops) but youve trusted me with so much. You always came to me whenever you needed someone to hear your voice and it warms my heart that you can come to me about anything. I love how your brother is in love with me and how my dad confused you with Wendy who is a fakeadian. You make me happy and im crossing the border for you, so if i get thrown in jail you better bail me out and treat me with bagged milk.

Leah; My little sunshine. You were the first person i approached on this website and your first thought was that i was a creeper. That was a bad impression but now you know im not a catfish. Youre like a little sister to me and you always told me about whats going on at home and ive helped you. I will always be here for you even though it doesnt seem like it and I hope your mom wont question me when it comes around to next August. We always laugh over stupid vines and cry over 5sos and I hope you meet them because you deserve it.

Karin; At first I didnt know who you ever were, but i always saw you talking on my dash. I think our first conversation was about a party? Turn up. Youre so nice and funny. We always used to tiny chat with Fab 5 and fangirl over o2l (remember when we tried to find Jc? lol) We dont talk much anymore but I know youre probably really busy and I hope the best for you and hopefully we can talk soon.

AlanaI followed you for a long time before I spoke to you. I dont remember how we started talking but youre also like my little sis, aka youre 2. But you always send me shit about 5sos and we fangirl over Ashton and its great. We also dont talk much anymore, but I still love you the same. I liked when we tiny chated and you would dance to 5sos and would play zoey 101. Youre very sweet and i hope that doesnt change.

Hannia; So we just started talking, we’ve sent a few messages here and there but youre the cutest thing. You seem like a very humble person and we always fangirl over the boys. Hopefully our friendship can blossom out when we can fangirl over more than 5sos.

I would like to also mention some people that I consider my friends but dont really talk to much: Sam, Brady, Marissa, Blowlucas ( idr her name )-:), Faaria

yay for friends!